Is Your Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Or White? Here’s What It Means

If you thoroughly understand each component of your Ring Doorbell, you can set it up fast and efficiently. However, if you are a first-time user of this device, you may have issues such as the ring doorbell flashing blue or white and some others while setting it up. If the lights are flickering, though, there’s a problem with the device itself, and you should power cycle it to correct the issue. 

This guide will help you figure out the most common reasons your doorbell may be flashing and some of the fixes that will help you solve your problem. You will also be able to troubleshoot the issues related to your ring camera so you can keep an eye on your home without any difficulties.

Why Does The Ring Doorbell Flash Blue Or White?

The Ring system consists of multiple devices with distinct functions and features. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your doorbell camera, motion sensor, contact sensor, and chime, it can be easier to understand the issues regarding the Ring doorbell and the camera’s flashing lights.

Ring’s security doorbell kit features blue and white LED lights. These lights are indicators of your home’s security or the device itself.

So, look at each symbol to see why your ring doorbell is flashing blue or white.

Ring doorbell flashing blue:

A blue light blinking on your ring doorbell indicates your device’s charging status. When charging a battery-powered ring doorbell, you’ll observe a blue blink. If you have an AC-powered device, you will see a blue flashing light when it is plugged in and not fully charged.

Once fully charged, no blue lights should indicate that your device is ready to go! But if there is still blue light flickering on your doorbell, one of the following issues may be with your device. The causes of these problems vary depending on how the blue light on your doorbell flashes, i.e., if it flashes right, on the top side, or simply on the left side.

Reasons and troubleshooting:

1. It might be a software update:

If the blue light flashes only on the right side of the doorbell button, there may be a software update notification, for WiFi-enabled devices, in the Ring App manager.

How to fix:

You can check by opening your App and tapping Settings in the upper right corner of your screen. Check for updates to see if anything new is available to download and install.

2. There’s a connection issue:

If your WiFi connectivity is insufficient, you may notice a blue light blinking on the top of your doorbell, and it is because it takes more power to connect to a weak WiFi signal than to maintain a strong one.

If your WiFi cuts out for even a few seconds and then reconnects, that can be enough to cause problems with your doorbell.

How to fix

It would help if you double-checked that your internet is working correctly. Turn off your router and modem for around 40 seconds before turning them back on. Try opening a web browser on any device connected to your network (laptop, phone) and see if you can get online.

If not, there may be an issue with your router or modem. Try rebooting them both by unplugging them from their power source for about 10-15 minutes, then plugging them back in.

3. Device may freeze/hang

If a blue light flashes on the left side of the doorbell, the device requires a rebooting process to function correctly.

How to fix:

Disconnect the device from the internet and restart it by holding the reset button for a long time.

4. A hardware issue:

If you continue to see blue lights flashing on your doorbell after updating its software and making sure that there are no obstructions in its path, then you might have an actual hardware problem with your device.

How to fix:

In these cases, it’s recommended that you contact Ring customer support so they can help troubleshoot your issue over email or phone.

5. Sign of video recording:

Another reason for a blue light to flash is to inform you that a video is being recorded. The light will show a pattern on and off if the ring camera is in recording mode. You may also receive notifications of motion alerts.

White light blinking on ring doorbell: what does it mean?

Your ring doorbell flashes white when running out of battery, and you should charge the device in that case. However, if you still see white light after the device is fully charged, it might be due to one of the following reasons.

1. Unstable WiFi connection

An unstable internet connection can cause problems with your ring doorbell and cause it to blink white on the left side of the ring.

How to fix:

To fix this issue, try rebooting your router and modem by unplugging them from power and waiting 5 minutes before plugging them back in.

2. Wrong password

If the ring doorbell flashes white from the top, you have not entered the correct password. 

How to fix

Try entering your WiFi password again and ensure that there are no spaces between your characters. It would be best if you also tried to enter a longer password, as shorter passwords can sometimes cause issues with your ring doorbell.

By understanding these issues, you can quickly troubleshoot your Ring doorbell flashing blue or white, making your device more workable.

A blue light on the Ring camera is also a concern for many users. If you are among those and want to know why it happens, then here is the answer:

Your ring camera flashes blue when the doorbell is in setup mode, and the light stops flickering when you complete setting up your device. So you don’t need to worry.

However, if the ring camera flashes blue at random times when you are not setting up your device, then there might be a problem with your device, such as:

  • 3. It needs firmware update:

If your ring camera is not up to date, you will see a blue light flashing.

How to fix:

Make sure that your Ring doorbell is up to date with the latest firmware version.

  • 4. The device has a poor internet connection

If the device has poor internet or no contact, you will also see a blinking blue light pattern on your Ring camera.

How to fix:

Connect your ring cameras to a power source and the internet router using an Ethernet cable.


How do you know if the ring camera is recording?

The ring camera has an indicator light to tell if it is recording. If there is a blue light on your Ring camera, it is recording, and if it flashes white, then that means there is no power, and it’s not recording.

Why is my ring doorbell flashing green?

If your Ring doorbell is flashing green, the ring chime is in setup mode. You will need to plug in a power source for your chime and follow the instructions complete the setup. Once you are done with setting up, you will see a solid blue light on your ring doorbell, and you can start using it.

Why is my ring doorbell flashing red?

This light appears typically at night, indicating that your camera is in night vision mode. You can turn off your ring doorbell’s night vision mode by tapping your device screen. However, if you observe a red flashing light during daylight hours, you should charge the device immediately.

Final thoughts

Ring security doorbells are an excellent way to keep tabs on your home, but they can be slightly confusing in light flashing. This article has outlined all the possible causes of blue or white light flashing on the Ring doorbell and how to troubleshoot them. Now you can quickly figure out what’s wrong with your device and fix it as soon as possible.

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