How To Remove Ring Doorbell Without Tool – Tested Methods 2023

Did you just forget the tool to open the Ring doorbell at the shop? If that’s the case you would need an alternate tool or a way to remove it. To solve the problem, we’ve come up with a guide to remove Ring doorbell without a tool.

If you’re interested in removing your Ring Doorbell without using any tools, you can try a few different methods. The first is to unscrew the faceplate from the mounting bracket. This will expose the wires and allow you to disconnect them.

Another method is to remove the entire mounting bracket from the wall or doorframe. This will require some effort, but it will ultimately give you access to the wires so that you can disconnect them.

Once you have disconnected the wires, you should be able to pull the Ring Doorbell off of the mounting bracket. If it is still tight, you may need to use a flathead screwdriver or other tool to pry it loose. With the Ring Doorbell removed, you’ll be able to clean up the area around the mounting bracket and prepare for your new doorbell.

Removing the Ring Doorbell Step by Step

These days many doorbells come with an easy-to-use mounting system that doesn’t require any tools for installation. Removing your Ring Doorbell will be a breeze if you have one of these models.

1. Unscrew the faceplate from the mounting bracket using your fingers.

For this you wouldn’t need a screwdriver or any other tool.

2. Once the faceplate is loose, you’ll be able to see the wires connecting the doorbell to the power source.

Disconnecting these wires is as simple as depressing a small tab or lever. Once they’re disconnected, you should be able to pull the doorbell right off of the mounting bracket.

3. Ready to go

You can now take care of the mounting bracket with the doorbell removed. You can either leave it in place or remove it altogether. Either way, you’ll be able to install your new doorbell without hassle.

How to Remove Ring Doorbell’s Battery

If you have the battery-powered model of the Ring Doorbell, removing it is even easier. Since there are no wires to disconnect, you must remove the faceplate from the mounting bracket and pull the doorbell off.

To remove the faceplate, unscrew it using your fingers. Once it’s loose, you’ll be able to see the battery inside. To remove the battery, press down on the trim tab that secures it and slide it out.


Removing your old Ring Doorbell is a simple process that can be done with or without using tools. All you need to do is remove the faceplate and battery if you have the battery-powered model. You’ll need to disconnect the wires for the wired models before removing the doorbell.

In either case, you should be able to remove your old doorbell and prepare for your new one in just a few minutes.

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