How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last – Is It Worth Buying?

When it comes to your safety, you should never cut corners. To ensure security at all times, our homes should be equipped with a device that lets us peep at who is at our door before we open it to let them in, and it also allows us to interact with whoever is there.  

With the “Ring Doorbell,” we now have the gadget to keep an eagle eye on our home entrance. If you’re thinking about buying a Ring doorbell but don’t know how long its battery lasts, how it works, or what it is, don’t worry. Stay with us until we get to the conclusion of this article. 

Here I’ll go over the most common reasons for a dead or dying battery, as well as ways to prolong the life of your ring doorbell battery and improve its health.

What Is the Ring Doorbell?

If you don’t have a security guard, then a ring doorbell is an excellent alternative. 

It is a security device that lets you see who is on the other side of the door and also enables you to speak to that person through the device itself, even though it will continue to detect the tiniest movements in the area while you’re away from home. Isn’t it great? 

The Ring doorbell incorporates several safety measures into its design. The following are some of the safeguards it provides for you:

  • Two-way microphone
  • Peephole camera
  • Video recording 
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Wifi extender to pick up the signals and ensure the continued functioning
  • An easy-to-use free app alerts the user whenever something happens at their front door.

How Does The Ring Doorbell Work?

Ring doorbells are very easy to use; all you need is a wifi connection and an application that is accessible for smartphones to use, and that is it!

You’ll see everything that happens right outside your front door. The “Ring” app will keep you updated, and you’ll get instant alerts on your phone, whether at home or on vacation. You can still answer the door even if you’re not there.

Not only that, but this app will remind you to recharge your doorbell every so often before the battery runs out.

How Long Ring Doorbell Battery Last?

A ring doorbell battery can last six to twelve months if used commonly. 

The problem is that the term “normal use” was never specified. All its batteries lasted a few weeks, or three to four months when it was put to the test by people.

Before using the device, ensure you know what will reduce its battery life. Everyday use is defined as using it only to answer the door and not for all the other activities it offers because you don’t need those features all the time. The time of 6 to 12 months is based on regular use.

If you learn how to use it correctly, the ring doorbell battery lasts without a doubt.

Reasons: What Drains Your Ring Doorbell Battery?

These reasons will help you understand what’s going on with your Ring doorbell battery, why its battery life keeps dwindling, and what you can do about it.

1. Environment/ Temperature:

Ring doorbells use lithium polymer batteries, which can’t withstand temperatures lower than 4 °C (36 F).

Temperature plays a significant role in how well a device works, and if it gets too hot, the battery’s charge will be depleted much sooner than expected. 

2. Activity/ Usage:

This is the best security device for homes, and it’s the best for a good reason: it has excellent features that make you more reliable and secure.

As it offers so much at once, such as live streaming, motion detection, video recording, and a night light on during the day, the battery life of the doorbell is drained for this reason.

3. Weak Wifi: 

A good wifi connection is required for this device to work at its best; if it doesn’t get a link, it will try to transmit more power, which soaks up the battery before its actual time.

Ways To Make Your Ring Doorbell Battery Last Long: 

The “Ring doorbell” battery life can be fixed like any other problem. Yes, there are some things you can do to keep the battery from dying. The methods are outlined below.

  • By installing a wifi device close by, in any location from which your door can easily pick up signals. This method will be a great help in improving the battery life.
  • The doorbell can be hardwired into an electrical circuit in the same way as normal doorbells.
  • Because there is no reason to use a night light during the day, you can save some battery life by turning it off.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery by only charging it when the app tells you to, as overcharging also drains the battery life.
  • When using features that aren’t necessary, try to limit your usage of them so that you can help save your device’s battery life.
  • Having an extra battery pack can be a great option! Because the first battery can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours to fully recharge. If that happens, you’ll still have a working backup battery.

How To Recharge The Ring Doorbell?

Recharging the ring doorbell is simple, and anyone can do it. Follow these steps to learn how:

  • Firstly, you have to remove the plate from its bottom.
  • Take out the internal battery.
  • Connect the battery to its charging unit and charge it for 8 to 10 hours until it is fully charged.
  • To use the battery again, the light must turn green first.
  • Now, reverse the process and insert the battery into the device again.

When To Charge The Ring Doorbell Battery?

The “Ring” app will alert you when it is time to charge your battery, and when it is not, it will display the battery cells and notify you when charging is required!

But never, ever wait for the battery to drain completely. This will be problematic later because it will take longer to charge if it is completely depleted, which is also not a safe bet for the device.

To see if the battery is fully charged and when it isn’t, you can use Ring’s app to check the color of the battery cells and see if they’re green, orange, or red, depending on the battery’s state. This indicates when the battery is about to die.

When the battery’s cell turns red, it’s the best time to charge it. 

Is The Ring Doorbell Worth Buying?

A big YES! 

It’s quickly making a name for itself on the market. People think it’s essential for their homes because it’s the best alternative to a guard and has impressive features that offer everything a person could want for home safety.

The Ring doorbell won’t break your budget because it’s affordable, but it won’t give up any of its features or your privacy. So it is worth buying.

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There is a possibility that someone is keeping a watchful eye on your home and seeking a chance to get inside your home. If they were unsuccessful in attempting to steal something from you while you were there, they might give it another shot while you are away from the house.  

It would help if you never took your safety for granted, which is why this device is a perfect addition for every household, as it helps protect your home in your presence and absence.

I hope this article can clear up any doubts you guys had about how long the Ring doorbell battery lasts. Please keep in mind that the length of the battery lasts mainly on how often the doorbell is used, the weather, and all the other conditions mentioned above. 

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