Can You Use A Blink Camera Without A Subscription?

Do you own a Blink camera and wish to continue using it without paying for a subscription? Paying additional money for the product you already bought can make you annoyed.

You can enjoy the most fantastic features offered by Blink camera, provided you have an active subscription. But how can you use a Blink camera without a subscription?

Many people have continuously asked this question. What benefits can you still get if you use a Blink camera without a subscription? Let’s get into it to know all specific details.

The answer is Yes, you can use a Blink camera without a subscription if you want to. However, many features such as video sharing and recording will not be available if you use the camera without having a subscription. Getting a subscription will unlock loads of features about which we will shed light further on.

Most people who previously used Blink cameras are frustrated by the thought of paying subscription fees. Most of these individuals have shifted to other camera brands that do not charge any subscription fee.

However, some users are considering using the Blink camera without a subscription. You can use a Blink camera without a subscription but with relatively limited features. Let’s see what a Blink camera offers without a subscription.

Comparison between the Blink Free and Paid Plans

If you are satisfied with the quality Blink offers and are ready to settle for fewer features, you might want what you can get without a subscription. Let’s talk about the features you get while using a Blink camera with a subscription.

Cloud Storage

You get tremendous cloud storage that can be upgraded with each subsequent plan. The most crucial feature that you get is video sharing and storage. This allows you to save all recorded footage directly on your cloud storage or an external hard drive.

Live View Recording

Live view recording is an essential feature with an active subscription. Furthermore, you can save all motion alerts and access all the camera views directly from the Blink application installed on your mobile phone. This makes tracking progress easy even while you are on the go. 

60 Days Video History

In the paid plan, you get to view recorded footage forever. While in the free plan, your video recording history is deleted, which prevents you from watching any recorded footage once 60 days have passed.

Photo Capture

In the paid plans, the system takes photos after sometime and keeps a record of it to prevent any blind spot or bad resolutions in the already saved recorded videos.

Extended Warranty

You only get extended warranty of the blink camera in the Blink Basic plus plan.

What is common in Blink free and paid plans?

  • There are only a few features that are common in both plans. You can track the camera’s live view from the Blink application, as you were able to do with the subscription plan.
  • You can get motion alerts from the camera just like the subscribed version. That’s all.

Blink users were infuriated because of this significant change. They had paid for the camera and anticipated all features with that. Many users brought the subscription while some customers shifted towards other brands.

What Happens With The Older Blink Devices?

Can You Use A Blink Camera Without A Subscription purchased before the imposed subscription?

This is a valid question of many customers who bought their Blink cameras when there was no subscription announced on the services the camera provided. People used to enjoy all the premium features of the camera without having to pay any extra money. 

With older Blink camera models such as the Blink Indoor, Outdoor, Doorbell, and the Mini Cameras, you can still enjoy various features. Among those features, storing motion clips on a USB drive is essential. This feature allows you to easily save prior footage to a USB drive that can be later viewed and shared.

Even older Blink camera models such as the XT2, XT, and other Blink Indoor cameras (Generation 1), can get the premium features. Recording videos up to 7200 seconds per sync module of cloud storage was possible with those devices.

These all were the original features of Blink cameras that did not require any subscription. Users can continue using these old devices just as they used to.

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How To Save The Blink Camera Footage Without A Subscription?

The option of saving footage on a security camera is considered the essential feature. This can allow you to browse old recordings in times of need and prove to be a shred of solid evidence.

Usually, without a subscription, you cannot get this feature on any new Blink devices. However, there is a method where you can easily record videos and save them for future viewing. 

To save the Blink camera footage without a subscription, you must get a Sync Module. This module needs to be purchased, but it can save you from the hassle of paying monthly subscription fees. It is a one-time payment where you purchase the storage option you desire and continue using your camera as usual.

You will get the option of storing the recorded videos on a USB drive. After buying the Sync Module, all you need to do is connect it with your Blink Camera. Once that is done, you are good to go.

The Sync Module comes with many storage options that can suit your needs. You can get 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage. The more storage you prefer to buy, the higher amount you will be required to pay. 

You can easily mount the Sync Module and the Blink Camera you use. The module is a compact device that does not require much space. You do not get the option of directly storing the recorded footage on the cloud. But, you can still store it on an external device such as a USB or a hard disk.

Unfortunately, users of the Sync Module encountered some problems while using it. They reported that the drive stopped storing videos after some time. Even before the storage limit was reached. The worst experience users faced was the complete shutdown of the Sync Module. All these problems only point toward one solution: buying a subscription plan for Blink cameras.

This will solve all the hassles a person faces by using the camera without a subscription. Look for more information about the types of subscription plans offered by Blink.

Blink Cameras: Subscription Options

There are two types of subscription plans available. One is the Blink Basic Plan, and the other is the Blink Plus Plan. Let’s talk about the Blink Basic plan primarily.

The Blink Basic Plan costs $3 per month, which is considered very affordable. With that price point, you get the option of live streaming and keeping a video history of the last 60 days.

A one-year warranty is given with the Basic Plan. This plan is applied to only one camera. Features such as two-way talk and motion-activated alerts are also available with the Basic Plan.

Talking about the Blink Plus plan, we find out it costs $10 per month. Options of live streaming and maintaining a video history of 60 days are also available in this plan. The warranty for the cameras purchased under the Plus Plan lasts until the active subscription.

This means you can claim your warranty as long as you are an active Plus Plan subscriber. The best part about the Plus Plan is the option of using unlimited cameras. You can install as many cameras as you want under the umbrella of the same Plus Plan while enjoying all its premium features. Two-way talk and motion-activated alerts are available with the Plus Plan as well.

A Few Last Words

So Can You Use A Blink Camera Without A Subscription? The answer is yes, but it is recommended that you get a subscription to enjoy all the premium features that make a security camera fulfill its objectives. Feel free to express your opinions and views in the comment section below.

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