Can You Change Ring Doorbell Tone Outside?

Ring Doorbell sends an audible chime when someone is at your door. While the chime can aid outsiders in determining whether the bell is working, this type of playback noise isn’t necessary in most cases.

Like most people, you may also think this sound should be changed. So if you are wondering, can you change Ring Doorbell tone outside? You are at the right place; keep on reading the article.

The sound can be both confusing and annoying, as well as loud. There is no way for Ring Doorbell users to change the sound of their doorbell outside, so you may want to find a solution to disable this. It is possible, however, to reduce the volume or change the chime as an alternative to eliminating the sound.

Can You Change Ring Doorbell Tone Outside?

Currently, the ring doorbell is not equipped with the ability to change the sound. Subscribers who already have the ring will not be able to change their sound. The Ring system continues to lack an update that accommodates this feature even as we approach the end of 2019.

The same sound of outdoor bells can be confusing if you live near others, such as in an apartment building. You pull out your smartphone when you hear outside noise to check your ring notifications. Ring notifications can be turned off.

You can alter the sound of the outdoor bell to avoid a lot of confusion. Even though they aren’t able to solve this problem by default, you can still find another way to accomplish it. It is very important to remember that the bell will have to be deactivated entirely for any method to work. The following section will show you how to change the sound or disable your outdoor bell. You will better understand the answer to the question: can you change Ring Doorbell tone outside?

Why Change The Ring Doorbell?

It may seem like a seemingly insignificant task, but do you know how to change your phone’s ringtone? Many owners change the ringtone almost immediately after getting a new smartphone. The Ring Doorbell can also be customized by changing its chime.

In most cases, people will customize the smartphone settings to match a particular theme or idea. Most homeowners, however, do not seem to understand why they would want the option of being able to adjust the tones of their chime.

The smart Ring Doorbell not only alerts you when visitors arrive at your doorstep but also senses your mood. Using the Ring app, you can also listen to this chime on your smartphone.

Essentially, all of your doorbell activity is monitored through the Ring Doorbell device settings. Because this Ring Doorbell sound is also played through your smartphone, customizing its sound is like customizing the ringtone on your phone.

The Silence Of The Ring

Ring system sounds can always be turned off. It means your guests wouldn’t hear any sounds. People will think your doorbell is broken if they do not hear a sound, especially if you fail to answer it immediately if they do not hear a sound. 

Even so, switching off Ring is required to select any other options for changing your sound. It is easy to find the Ring functions on the app. Despite their clear labeling, even those who are not familiar with apps will easily find them.

Follow these steps:

  • On your phone, open the Ring app.
  • Pick your Ring doorbell from the list
  • Select “Device Options”
  • You will need to find the volume/”ringer” slider.
  • Slide the outside bell volume down using the slider. Alternatively, you can turn it completely left if no sound is desired.

Turning down the volume may be the best solution for those who simply want to hear the outside noise. The default sound can still be played, but you can turn the volume down halfway or more if you wish to avoid annoying your guests. The default sound will still continue to play without surprising your guests.

How To Change The Ring Doorbell Chime Tone?

It’s been a challenge getting around this issue since there’s no official way to do it. Changing your outdoor bell’s sound is easy with your outdoor bell socket, an Echo device, or a Ring Chime. Ring Chimes are the most convenient method out of these. You can set up the Ring Chime to play a specific chime outside a particular room by downloading various tones from the Ringtones Library.

In order to quiet down a wireless doorbell effectively, you can do the following:

1. Use A Chime Cover

It is simple to do by using a chime cover. Covers for chimes often contain foam insulation, which dampens sound but still makes it audible. If there is an issue with the chiming unit, a chime cover is ideal since it clips off easily.

It might not completely shut the doorbell sound outside, but it can lessen the volume of the sound. It can make the sound less annoying and disturbing.

2. Use Tape

The doorbell can be silenced with tape by covering it with painter’s tape or masking tape. The chiming unit will be damaged if duct tape is used to seal it. In order to prevent it from becoming difficult to remove without damaging the unit, we recommend that you replace the tape once a month at the very least. 

As a complement to chime covers, the tape can be used to cover the chiming unit and then fit the chime cover over it. You can reduce the chime’s volume by adding more tape if you are unhappy with how loud it is.

3. Tape Acoustic Foam

For a more aesthetically pleasing solution, cover the chime with acoustic foam. A music supply store or online retailer can sell you some acoustic foam. You have to cut the foam according to the size of your doorbell. Make it as simple as possible by cutting the foam with scissors. After that, stick a piece of double-sided tape right next to the opening of your chime cover. Wrap the foam around the tape and place it over the opening or vent where the sound comes out.

The plastic cover can be covered with acoustic foam if the chime is really loud. The sound would also be drastically reduced. Openings in the cover amplify the sound, which is also reflected in the thin plastic case.

4. Shut The Fuse Off For The Doorbell

To turn off the doorbell completely, turn off the fuse; If you prefer not to hear the chime, turn the fuse off. If your doorbell frequently rings, turn off the switch in the fuse box labeled “doorbell” or “chime.” There’s no guarantee this will stop it constantly ringing, but if it’s driving you crazy, it’ll keep it from ringing for now.

Just flip the fuse every night before you go to bed if the chime only bothers you at night or early in the morning. The doorbell won’t chime permanently if you place a sign near the doorbell saying “please knock” to let people know you won’t be answering it.

In rare cases, the fuse for your doorbell can be connected to another electrical appliance in your houses, such as your porch light or entryway outlets. You may be unable to do this if other electrical systems are connected to the same circuit.

What Are The Benefits of Changing The Alert Sounds On Your Doorbell?

You may want to select a specific Ring chime since your phone receives doorbell chime tones as well, in case your Doorbell notification is challenging to distinguish. You will hear different chimes when there is a Doorbell notification. Do you understand why? Well, the priority should be given to messages and phone calls from someone waiting to enter your home.

The Ring Doorbell also has the option to select different doorbell chime sounds for its various features. One of these different sound settings allows you to distinguish between someone ringing the video doorbell and someone at the front door without announcing their presence, as opposed to someone ringing the motion sensor. Using varying sounds to distinguish between different alerts has several benefits.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the methods described above will help you understand the answer: Can you change Ring Doorbell tone outside? You can apply any of these methods to get rid of annoying and disturbing sounds that your doorbell makes outside. Doing so will save yourself and your guests from getting annoyed by louder outside doorbell sounds.

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