7 Best Light Bulb Security Cameras 2023

It is common for thieves or intruders to get past the traditional security cameras and render them totally, so they are useless. And that’s where a light bulb security camera comes to play. For all the times when you need to secretly keep an eye on someone, a light bulb security camera will be your saviour. 

Light bulb security cameras are discreet yet serve a significant function. They offer high definition videos and are also not a pain to install unlike the usual wired security cameras. With these cameras, you can benefit from a live stream of your workplace or keep an eye on the housekeeper while you’re away. 

Let’s get to the real thing and check out our 7 tried and tested light bulb security cameras.

Which are the Best Light Bulb Security Cameras?

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1. Qilmy Pan Tilt Security Camera

  • Field of View: 360°
  • Camera Quality: Full HD 1080p
  • Storage: Micro SD card slot
  • Night Vision: Yes

The Qilmy light bulb security camera comes with a pan tilt function that allows it to cover a 360° field of view. It is moveable and offers a very clear night as well as day vision.The HD 1080p video quality ensures a useful recording/live streaming that allows you to keep track of everything and identify intruders. 

The camera is powered by the home electricity and functions with WiFi which eliminates the hassle of connecting it to a nearby power outlet as well. The installation is as easy as that of a regular bulb.It comes with 3 built-in flood lights and a motion detection feature. To warn anyone nearby you can use the automatic function that turns on the light whenever a motion is detected. However, to keep it discreet, I’d rather not use this feature.

Other than that, the camera also sends an alarm via the mobile app if it detects motion. The best part about this device is a stable video quality even in low light conditions. What I don’t appreciate about this security camera is the below par sound quality which makes it hard to even get started with the installation. But apart from that, it is surely a great deal for the price.

  • Affordable
  • Supports remote viewing function
  • Stable video quality
  • Distorted sound

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2. HeyLR Light Bulb Security Camera

  • Field of View: 360°
  • Camera Quality: 2MP, 1080p
  • Storage: TF Card (128G)/Cloud Storage 
  • Night Vision: Yes

This security camera looks exactly like a light bulb so you don’t have to worry that anyone can notice it. This security camera offers a high definition 1080p video that delivers all the details and helps you identify everything without much effort. The camera offers a 2MP video recording or streaming enhanced with Sony Optics. The special Sony vision renders very balanced visuals. 

It supports auto white balance and exposure to help provide a clear video. And the two way communication system offered by this unique device is really worth mentioning. It lets you enjoy real time communication with your family while keeping an eye on them. The camera offers a 360° view with almost no blind angles. Also, the bulb automatically turns on during dark to avoid any loss of footage. It also features a motion detection and auto tracking feature that updates you in case of any movement.

Setting it up is super easy, you just have to replace your regular bulb with this one. It also supports infrared night vision as well as flood lights. To sum up, I’d say it is a convenient and practical device.

  • Loud alarms
  • 2 way audio system allows communication
  • Easy to install
  • Too sensitive

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3. BESDERSEC Home Security Camera

  • Field of View: 360°
  • Camera Quality: Full HD 1080p 
  • Storage: SD Card
  • Night Vision: Yes

This security camera is an amazing way to keep an eye on your home in your absence. 

It offers a 360° panoramic field of view that covers the area from all angles without leaving behind any blind spots. The 1.4mm fish eye lens helps you monitor every object in range. The 1080p resolution gives clear visuals for an area up to 400m. 

The security camera also comes with motion detection and alarm functions that send push notifications to your phone whenever the camera detects motion. Just like the previous device, this security camera also features the 2 way audio function that allows you to effortlessly communicate as you monitor the live stream remotely. The camera offers great viewing angles and supports SD card storage. 

The night vision of the camera is excellent so you can totally rely on this device to track down thieves. Also, the camera features an intelligent AI mode that turns on the light whenever someone passes by. This security camera is quite easy to install. Just place it in the socket like a regular bulb and set up the WiFi connection and you’ll be all done.

  • No blind spots
  • Incredible night vision
  • Efficient alarm system
  • Dim LED light

4. Qilmy Security Light Camera

  • Field of View: 360° 
  • Camera Quality: Full HD 1080p
  • Storage: Micro SD card 
  • Night Vision: Yes

Another security camera with a pan tilt option that allows you to get a full coverage of the entire area. This security camera by Qilmy is equipped with a high definition 1080p camera that produces high quality videos at any hour of the day. The camera serves it function pretty well while being a discreet unit at the same time. 

The IR night vision of the camera automatically adjusts exposure and light balance to keep the night recordings as useful as possible. This security camera is also equipped with field lights that automatically turn on whenever a motion is detected.The live streaming also runs pretty smoothly and allows you to monitor 24/7. The camera features 4 LED lights and 4 built-in infrared LEDs that make no compromises on the lighting conditions. 

In case of any movement, this camera sends instant notifications. But since the camera is quite sensitive, the notifications can be annoying at times. The installation of this camera is a breeze. You just need to set it up with your WiFi and operate it via the mobile app. Overall, it is a decent device for the price and performs up to the mark!

  • Good tracking function
  • Stable video throughout the day
  • Easy installation
  • Hard to navigate through videos

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5. Sengled Floodlight Security Camera

  • Field of View: 140°
  • Camera Quality: 1080p FHD 
  • Storage: Free cloud storage 
  • Night Vision: Colored Night Vision 

This is one of the best cameras in the market for security monitoring. It is equipped with a lot premium features and delivers an incredible performance.The Sengled light bulb security camera allows you to receive instant alerts anywhere. It is equipped with a high quality, full HD 1080p camera that produces equally good visuals both at day or night.

It provides a smooth and convenient video playback function that allows you to zoom in or out of the recordings. It covers a 140° field of view with bright dimmable floodlights that can detect motion up to 30ft. The motion detection alerts are instantly received on the mobile app. Also, the camera supports a 2 way audio system that gives you the liberty to communicate with anyone on the other side of the camera.

The colored night vision of this camera is also worth mentioning for it is rarely found in regular security cameras. Also, this camera is safe for outdoor use as well. It can withstand -20° to 40° of temperatures and you can rely on it during rain as well.

  • Waterproof
  • Colored night vision
  • Wide range of motion detection
  • App interface needs improvement

6. Quanmin HD Security Camera

  • Field of View: 360°
  • Camera Quality: 1.3MP 960p
  • Storage: Micro SD card
  • Night Vision: Yes

This security camera not only looks great but performs amazing as well. It is a foolproof design that leaves no way to guess that it is a security camera.The camera is equipped with 1.4mm fish eye lens with a 360° field of view that allows you view the whole picture without any blind spots. The camera produces a 960p video through 1.3MP lens that renders quite a decent quality.

You’ll get a stunning colorful day vision and a clear, black and white night footage. All the details are efficiently captured by the fish eye lens so you never miss a detail. Even in a pitch dark room, the camera is pretty capable to produce a decent video.

The camera is super easy to install like every other light bulb security camera. No wiring or drilling is required because you only have to screw it into a regular light socket. Apart from that, you’ll also find an intelligent AI mode that turns on the light whenever it detects movement around. You just have to connect it with the WiFi and control the rest of the functions via the mobile app. It offers both live stream and recording of videos which makes it yet another worthy option!

  • Clear night vision
  • Works really well in low light settings
  • Works efficiently
  • Not durable

7. Rayolon HD Security Camera

  • Field of View: 360°
  • Camera Quality: 1080p HD
  • Storage: Micro SD card
  • Night Vision: Yes

Lastly, this light bulb security camera is another cost effective option with great features. The Rayolon security camera is equipped with high quality lens that produce clear and sharp visuals that let you analyse every bit of detail in the footage. The 360° panoramic view camera covers the entire area and allows to you to keep a check on everything.

This security camera also comes with a 2 way audio system that can make anyone feel like you’re not away. Also, it is a great way to reach out to your kids as you keep an eye on them. The voice quality is pretty impressive too.The night vision of the camera is fairly decent as well. It produces clear and detailed visuals even during dim lights which is much needed for a surveillance camera. 

Also, this device will inform you about any nearby movements via push notifications on the mobile application. The motion detection feature also controls the floodlights as well as the alarm recording. Overall, the picture quality is outstanding. It is an easy to use security camera that offers a plug and play interface. However, this light bulb security camera is visibly larger than regular bulbs so you’ll have to find a way to make it work. 

  • Outstanding visuals
  • Easy installation
  • Good value for money
  • Lighting is below average

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Best Light Bulb Security Cameras: Buying Guide

Purchasing a light bulb security camera may not be as easy as it sounds because you need to be aware of a few key features that’ll really make the security camera worth a shot!

So let’s check them out!

Footage Type

Most security cameras provide a live as well as recorded footage, that everybody knows. However, if you really want to make the surveillance function effortless then, you should look for cameras that record on their own whenever a motion is detected. 

A live footage is really useful for when you need to keep a constant eye on someone say your pets or kids. But an automatic recording function is really crucial for the times you need to track down an intruder. 

Also, cameras with a 2 way audio function are quite useful when you want to establish instant communication as you monitor someone. 

Storage Capacity 

Most security cameras support a micro SD card storage type. While some others may also offer a free cloud storage option. In case of an SD card, look for a camera that supports 128 GB of additional memory. 

However, take notes that security cameras usually do not come with the SD card. More often than not, you’ll have to purchase that yourself.


Compatibility is really not that big a deal these days. Almost all cameras that you typically come across are compatible with all mobile devices (Android/IOS). Gone are the days when you needed a desktop computer to access the security footage.

Today, that process is fairly easy. You just need to install the application compatible with camera either on your phone or tablet and fully control the light bulb security cameras.

Camera Quality

Well no matter how amazing the rest of the features are, at the end it all comes down to one thing. And that is camera quality. To be able to retrieve all the critical details in the time of need, you need to invest in a surveillance system with good camera quality. 

Most security cameras offer a 720p to 1080p video quality. The ideal resolution for a security camera is 1080p while 960p is the least requirement. Only a good quality camera will actually serve the function well. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with a below par and useless footage that would be of no help.

Also, make sure that your camera supports a good night vision feature. It should be able to produce a decent footage even during low light conditions so ensure that before you make purchase. 

Field of View

The security camera will be totally ineffective if it doesn’t support a wide field of view. Most light bulb security cameras come with a fish eye lens and a 360° panoramic field of view. A 360° wide security camera leaves behind no blind spots.

Regular security cams often offer a 45° field of view which calls for installation of many cameras at a single place. In contrast to that, most light bulb security cameras eliminate that need with their single wide angle panoramic lens.

Easy installation 

One of the many things that I appreciate about a light bulb security camera is their ease of installation. Unlike traditional surveillance cams that require a lot of wiring, drilling, and lots of hassle of setting up, installing a light bulb security camera is a breeze. 

Most of these cameras are very easy to install. You just need to find out a good place that covers most part of the room and fix the security camera in a light socket just like a regular bulb. Then, get started on the application and control your security camera like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the best bulb camera?

The Rayolon HD Security Camera mentioned at the very end of our list is really an excellent option. It comes at a pocket friendly price yet it is loaded with all the necessary features that make the best bulb camera.

Are bulb cameras good?

Yes, bulb cameras are definitely a great choice. Especially if you want to keep the surveillance unnoticeable and discreet, then you should go for a light bulb security that looks almost similar to a regular bulb and offers a nice panoramic view of any place.

Are light bulb cameras safe?

Light bulb cameras are totally safe. They work just like a regular surveillance cam except that they’re less noticeable and are easier to operate.

How does light bulb camera work?

Light bulb cameras draw power from the light socket they’re installed in. To keep them functioning 24/7, you’ll need to keep the switch turned on at all times and that’s it!

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